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Our Mission

  1. Provide a total program within which boys and girls can find an equal opportunity to participate.
  2. Provide the student with programs that are staffed with qualified personnel whenever and wherever possible within district policy.
  3. Give careful consideration to all students concerning their physical safety, mental well-being, and to be fair and responsible to their individual needs.
  4. Instill a desire to excel to the best of one’s capabilities.
  5. Develop an understanding that individual responsibility precedes individual privilege.
  6. Develop an understanding of the importance of the rules of the game, mastery of skills and techniques, and the application of intelligence in participating in a program.
  7. Recognize the attributes of sportsmanship and apply them in all contests.
  8. Develop an understanding that success is important and is dependent upon sacrifice and the satisfaction derived by the participants in successfully meeting the challenges that a competitive situation offers.
  9. Give all participants an opportunity to participate as much as possible whenever possible.