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The Services That We Provide:

Technology Planning
The Technology Department continually monitors the district's technology needs. Areas that we continually monitor include: out dated technology equipment, training and inservice, software updates, compatibility issues, network security, virus protection, data retention policies, disaster recovery plans, state and federal reporting requirements and several others.

Technology Budgeting
The district's technology needs typically exceed the budget available for technology expenditures. Each year we prioritize our technology spending, based on planning, requests, and technology trends in the district. We do our best to leverage special purchases and explore grant opportunities to help with technology funding.

Staff Inservicing
The Technology Department tries to provide as many training options as possible. We work with building staff to work in as many training opportunities as we can. We also develop an extensive knowledge base of articles to help staff with common technology related tasks.

Network Infrastructure Installations
The Technology Department is responsible for maintaining the network infrastructure that the technology systems run on. This includes maintaining a reliable, flexible network which provides the infrastructure upon which the school's systems operate. The network needs to be protected from viruses and security breeches, as well as kept up to date to maintain compatibility with required systems.

Phone System Management
The Technology Department is responsible for managing the district's phone and fax systems.

Internet Safety and Security
The Technology Department implements security procedures and training to help maintain a safe and secure network. Internet Content Filters provide compliance with state and federal laws, protecting users from inappropriate content.

Computer & iPad Hardware Deployments
The Technology Department purchases and installs the district's computers and iPads. We try to maintain clusters of similarly configured hardware to reduce operating costs, such as installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and support.

Computer Software Installations
The Technology Department is responsible for all software installations in the district. Software licensure must be compliant. Software must maintain compatibility with the network environment. We centrally manage software updates to maintain security  and compatibility throughout the school year.

Technical Support
The Technology Department provides the district with support for installed hardware and software throughout the district. Please follow the link above for detailed information on obtaining support in the most efficient way possible.

Web Site Development
The Technology Department provides the infrastructure for the development of the district's web site.

Network Management
The Technology Department monitors critical components for bottlenecks and failures and tries to be as proactive as possible in detecting problems and potential problems to provide a reliable network with minimal downtime.

Network Access
The Technology Department provides access to network resources throughout the district, while protecting access to sensitive data and resources from unauthorized users.

Data Retention and Backup
The Technology Department maintains archives of district data based on the data retention policies set by the district. The department also manages a sophisticated backup system which backs up district data each night. The backups are managed using rotating media sets and offsite storage.

Student Data Management
The Technology Department configures, maintains and backs up the systems necessary for storage and reporting of student data. This includes demographic, health, attendance, grades, schedules, IEP and other information. We also provide access to systems for state and federal reporting requirements, as well as the submission of several reports.

Software Systems
The Technology Department maintains several sophisticated software systems used to deliver both management and curriculum services. Examples include: Learning Management Systems, productivity software, Student Assessment Systems, Library Automation Systems, Community Messaging Systems, Client management Systems, and several online databases.

Classroom Technologies
The Technology Department is also responsible for supporting several classroom technologies. These include: projectors, interactive applications, and classroom audio enhancement systems.