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Technical support resources are limited.

It is important that we all do our best to try and follow some simple guidelines to ensure that we all get the fastest service possible.

How to Obtain Technical Support

1. Try the basics

  • Verify that all connections are secure
  • Log out and log back in
  • Restart your computer and try again
  • Refer to the Support Portal Support Articles

2. Collect information

  • what specific steps do you do prior to the problem
  • take note of specific error messages encountered
  • determine if the problem is repeatable or intermittent, and under what circumstances the error appears
  • be prepared to answer questions regarding any recent changes to your system prior to the error, if the error has occurred before, and under what circumstances the error occurs

3. Send a Support Ticket

  • send an email to "support" or fill out a Support Ticket from the Support Portal
  • please provide as much information as you can - The more information you can provide us with, the faster we will be able to resolve the problem!

If you are unable to send an email or submit a Support Ticket, you can call the Technology Support Coordinator at 208-0850, Option 1.

The Support Ticket Provides Several Benefits:

The Support Ticket is as easy as sending an e-mail, but the entire Technology Department can respond, and you will get updates as work is done to resolve your issue.

  • When asking multiple people for help on the same problem—often using multiple media (e-mail, voice mail, etc)—it really slows us down and hinders our ability to help as many people as possible as quickly as possible:
    • each of us in the Tech Department ends up working on the same problem
    • or wastes time asking each other if they already resolved an issue, and often times we have to wait for each other to determine the status
    • it causes confusion for us as to whether something that we thought was fixed is broken again
    • it also forces us to reply and manage a single issue multiple times
  • Sometimes, all of us are not in the office, due to vacations, meetings, sick leave, etc. Sending an e-mail or voice mail to one of us, who happens to be gone, causes a delay in resolving your issue.
  • Often times, a request for a certain type of problem can only be resolved by one of us in the department. It goes without saying that sending a single Tech Ticket, all of us in the Technology Department will get a chance to follow up on it.
  • The Tech Department is now prioritizing issues in the Tech Tickets system over e-mail - so you will get faster service! We monitor and respond to requests in the Tech Ticket system before e-mails and voice-mails.
  • Often times, no matter how hard we try, a request that comes in via e-mail, or voice-mail, or post-it note, or conversations in the hallway... these requests can get lost and forgotten. The Tech Ticket system centralizes all requests, and they will not get lost.
  • You can open a copy of the Tech Ticket in your Email after submitting it to check its status any time you want.
  • It is integrated into Email, so you don't have to open another program, or navigate to another system to create a Tech Ticket.

Note Technical support will be offered on a priority basis, based on the district’s overall network needs.