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Snow Days - E-Learning Days

Hibbing Public Schools always keeps the safety of our children as our top priority. Our district intends to keep schools open every school day possible. However, in cases of extreme weather, Superintendent Aldrich is authorized by the school board to close schools. His decision is always made by 6:00 A.M. that day. The district usually does not decide to close schools the day before. When schools are closed, we notify local news media. Unless you hear that schools are closed over radio or television, you can consider that schools will be open. For obvious reasons, please help us by not calling the media for this information. In case of inclement weather, you may personally determine not to let your child come to school.

The district also makes every effort to notify parents and students of school emergencies such as closure due to inclement weather through use of ParentSquare. Therefore, it is important that emergency contact information be accurate. If your phone numbers change during the school year please notify the principal's office in your child's school.

Generally, it is not considered wise to dismiss school once it is in session. Many working parents are not prepared to receive children early. In cases of inclement weather, you may choose to pick up your child to assure she or he arrives home safely. Please understand that we cannot dismiss students upon phone request.

In the event of inclement weather or other school emergencies the district may choose to implement e-learning days as allotted by the Minnesota Department of Education.  Teachers K-12 would be expected to post in an online format academic work for their students, or will have put together packets of work that students may do during this time.  In the event that the teacher does not have or loses access to the internet the work can be given the next day.  Teachers must be accessible to students and parents on e-learning days.

Children who are absent during inclement weather when school is in session are marked absent. Their absence is treated the same as any other absence for a legitimate cause, provided you have properly notified your school.

School Closing Information Is Broadcast On These Media:

WMFG - 106.3 FM/1240 AM
WNMT - 650 AM
WEVE - 97.9 FM
WTBX - 93.9 FM
KGPZ - 96.1 FM